Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic oxidation allows the purification of exhaust air from volatile organic components (VOC) at low temperature without an open flame. By the use of a suitable catalyst, complete oxidation of the VOCtakes place at temperatures between 250 and 400 °C.

Due to the low reaction temperature catalytic oxidizers require very little energy. In conjunction with a heat exchanger for raw gas preheating autothermal operation is achieved even at low pollutant concentrations, i.e. the calorific value of the raw gas is sufficient to reach the reaction temperature.

Compared to other exhaust gas purification systems the small footprint of a catalytic oxidizer has to be emphasized. Especially when a process which is already in production the retrofit of an exhaust gas purification system is often in favour of catalytic oxidizers, because structural changes can be avoided. Catalytic Oxidizers are particularly suitable for gas purification in the coating industry, food and plastics industry and in the ceramic industry.

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