Allokat 20 - Allokat 160

For installations on a pilot scale or small production, catalytic oxidation is often the most economic way to clean the exhaust air from organic compounds. With low investment and operating costs and minimal space requirements, the emission can comply with the given emission limits reliably and durably.

The standard modules Allokat 20 to Allokat 160 can be used in the installation of new production facilities, but are often retrofitted on existing units.









Allokat 20Allokat 80Allokat 160
volumetric flow rate max.m3/h2080160
organic concentration max.g/m3101010
organic mass flow rate maxg/min2,51326
required org. mass flow for autothermal operation *g/min3510
outer dimensions without accessoriesmm3200 x 250 x 800450 x 470 x 2000450 x 550 x 2000

*) with heat exchanger at max. volumetric flow rate

Allokat 80 connected to a chamber furnace